The Pale Chronicles Part 2

I could vaguely hear Grady shouting over my transmitter. 

I did my best to compose myself. “I got this bub, head back to camp.” AKA I was actually telling Grady,”hey, its been good, gotta go get shot real quick.” Then I did the best thing for me and Grady’s sake and turned off my transmitter.

Worse case scenarios, calls for worst case actions. Having to use my gun on gang members would be one of those worst case actions. Just as I unholstered my pistol, I heard the zipper roar to life. Huh, maybe I had a chance.

I had my decoder in my pocket and was on that zipper faster than a Denari Sand Walker. Which in case you didn’t know, is pretty damn fast. I would like to tell you this was the first time I had to use my pistol… well by now you should know I’m not a perfect samartin. Right as I was about to gun it out of there, I heard the swoosh of the doors to the joint open. 

I opened fire so fast I don’t think I even actually saw anyone come out of the doors. Oh real quick, I gotta get this off my chest to you guys and gals. I know what you all are thinking, Ez is so tough, rough and fearless. While yes this is all true, I gotta come clean. I’m kinda a weirdo. Especially in my younger years I would do weird and quirky things to entertain myself. So long story short, back in the day, I named my gun Andy. Ha ha. Get your giggles over with. I’m just being my authentic self here. 

So where was I? Oh yes, laying cover fire with Andy. As best I could that is. See Andy was an older model and has seen better days for sure. After what felt like no time at all, Andy was about ready to overheat. I didn’t have much time to really think about where to go, or really what I was going to do in general. The only thing my mind could come up with was GO!

Fast. Describing this bike as fast should be against the law. This zip was breathtakingly hasty. I mean this guy had some serious get up. I’ve gotten some practice riding on some clunkers, but this was a whole new game. I hit the throttle so hard I seriously cannot believe I stayed on the bike. The butterflies in my stomach is like nothing I have ever felt before. I’ve also never felt anything like the sheer power of this zipper either. Let’s just say I didn’t look like a pro on this thing. It was going to take a little getting used to. Unfortunately for myself, time was a luxury I did not have at the moment.

Apparently these Torin Tide guys knew what they were doing because they were already on my tail. Luckily for me I had the speed advantage. No wonder this zip is so pricey. After weaving through some pedestrians I finally made my way to a main road. I needed to get a look at how many of these Tide thugs I was dealing with. The first break in traffic I took a look back and counted about 4 or 5 goons. They were way to close for comfort.

Just as I turned around, a small zip was about to smash into my handsome face. The zip barely evaded me before I even had time to react. I immediately heard the sounds of crashing and screeching behind me. Definitely was not going to make the mistake of looking back to check out the gory details. Hopefully some of that crashing was the tide.

Weaving through traffic during a high speed chase on a main roadway is not a good time. I managed to stay alive long enough to get closer to my neck of the woods. If I could get closer to my hideout, maybe I actually had a shot. Being on a straight away gave me a bit of a lead which was very needed because getting off my exit was going to slow me down a ton. It was an extremely populated area.

Now I had them beat. I knew this land too well, and I knew exactly where I could take them to lose these thugs. Just as I was a few blocks away I took a hard left turn, and turned down a side road.

I got rocked out of nowhere. I remembered flying through the air, than nothing. 

I came back to consciousness and didn’t really know where I was. My vision was so blurry I was having trouble focusing on any details. Then I saw the zipper bike. My baby. My prize. Trashed. There was definitely no fixing this bike. The poor thing looked like he was eaten then thrown up again.

Out of nowhere I got turned on my back. This did not feel the best. I definitely had multiple injuries. Which, right at this particular moment, was the least of my worries. Standing over me was a viscous looking Torin Tide groupy. He didn’t look too happy to see me. 

“You ready to die boy?” 

I probably should have come up with some witty comeback. Instead I was laying there looking like a beaten pinata. It took all my energy to just stay conscious. All I could muster up was some moaning, with a dash of gurgling noises. Pretty awesome comeback.

At least me being in incredible pain brightened this groupies day, my moaning put a tiny smile on his stone cold face. I do what I can to please. Unfortunately, I think our conversation was coming to an end. Mr. Groupie began reaching for his handgun. 

You all are probably asking, “hey Ez, how does it feel to know you are about to kick the bucket?” Sorry, I don’t have the best answer to that one. See, I was so dazed and jacked up from the crash, I didn’t have enough going on up stairs to really process what was happening. I could feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness. However, I did have the thought that this was in fact the end of the road for myself. Guess I would never be getting off this tin rock.

Then came the blast.

Hold on a sec, is it just me or am I still breathing? It took all my strength to sit up and take in my surroundings. My groupie friend was laying on the ground. The gun blast from his chest was still smoking. No one was in sight. 

Oh, when I said it took all my strength to look around, I really meant it. I collapsed to the floor. My vision instantly became blurry. My ears were ringing. Then through the ringing of my ears I could hear some sort of buzzing noise. Maybe the buzzing of an engine? 

The buzz was getting closer rapidly. Out of the corner of my eye I could barely make out the shapes of someone approaching on a zipper. As it got closer I could tell the rider had a muscular build.The rider was tall, and had very dark hair and skin. Just before this person got to me, my body gave out. Everything went black.

To be continued…

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