The Pale Chronicles Part 4

“Pretty name. Emery. I dig it. Now hear me out, I have a way of getting a freighter from Noretrade.”

I may have been exaggerating just a tad. Let me explain myself. Grady always had this crazy idea. See, me and Grady go back awhile. He is the closest thing I have had to a friend. As a kid, I always used to tell Grady I was going to become a pilot and fly us off this rock. I used to spend so much time reading up on how to pilot as many different kinds of spacecrafts as possible. Even on some rare occasions I would find ways to actually watch videos on how to fly freighters (freighters were my favorite FYI). Full disclosure, still have never technically piloted a ship. I’m sure that won’t be an issue down the road.

Since then, Grady always was trying a way to find a way to snatch a ship. To me, this was the biggest waste of time. I focused on smaller, more tangible products. However, Grady never gave up. It always kind of annoyed me how he spent most of his days trying to figure out how to pull off a heist like that. Who would have thought that Grady’s obsession of us flying out of here might actually save my life today. I may owe Grady an apology.

Emry started to chuckle lightly. “Noretrade? Are you serious? You are aware that they are one of, if not the richest freight company out there. They have the best security systems, equipment, and they don’t deliver anywhere except off world.”

“That is where you are wrong Emry.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, Emry looked none to pleased that I was telling her she was incorrect. By that I mean she looked like she was ready for death kick number two. I have taken enough damage lately. I’m surprised I didn’t die after my crash.

Hold on a sec. Besides my bruised stomach, I was totally fine.

“Hold that thought, how am I okay after that crash?”

“I used a regenic shot on you. Which reminds me that has also been put on your tab.”

Great. Probably better off dead with how much those cost. One of those was more than likely the only way I could have survived. Unless she zipped it to a medical center. Something told me that was not her thing. Then again I would not expect her to save my life either. So what do I know?

“I’m surprised you didn’t just let me lay there and die. Waste something that pricey on a fool like me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, at that particular time, you were no good to me dead.”

That was the first thing she said all day that was suspect. Something definitely didn’t add up why she would save me. I wasn’t going to grill Emry on it though. If I had to guess though, probably my dashing looks. Just saying.

“Thank you Emry, I don’t know… “

“Save it, let’s get back to the freighter.”

“I’ll make it quick. My associate and myself, have reliable Intel on a top of the line freighter that will be finished by the end of the week. This freighter is not being built at a regular Noretrade production facility. They are going through a local shop. Why, you ask? To get a little extra firepower if you catch my drift. All the bells and whistles. Must be being made to protect and hold some expensive freight I’d wager. Now I can get the passcodes and the routing code. Once we have all the right credentials, we can walk right in and fly right out to the next planet occupied by the Trade. We would be long gone before they knew what hit them. Questions?”

You know, I must say, I have a way of sounding like I know what I’m talking about. Most of the time. I hope. Just one tiny detail I forgot to mention to Emery. These codes I speak of, not the slightest clue on how to get them. Oops.

I was pleasantly surprised. Emery was not one hundred percent sold. On the bright side, I could tell that I did have her full attention finally. Even genuine interest. Didn’t see that one coming.

“How do you get the codes Ez?”

Damn. Just the one question I was dying to hear.

“Leave that to me and my partner. It will be no problem.”

“Ez, this is serious. If you could get those codes, and you actually know exactly where and when this freighter is getting picked up, do you know what this could mean for us. Sorry, I meant for the Trade.”

Emry was looking intense. Well I’m guessing she always looked intense. This time Emry looked intense, but with self interest mixed in her expression. If I saw what I thought I saw in emry’s eyes, I was going to have to take a chance(I will explain later).Time to use whatever this slip up was to my advantage.

“Did the Trade take you in as a slave as a young child?”

Emry hesitated slightly. “Yes I was. Many of us come into the Trade that way. What does that have to do with getting Kane that freighter?”

This time I definitely saw the pain in her eyes. Now would be a good time to explain my chance taking. Emry, being on the young side, had me wondering if she was in this business not by her choosing. The look I saw on Emry’s face was the look of someone trapped. Just like me. Someone put into a situation no fault to their own. Someone looking for an opportunity to escape.

“Emry. I can get those codes. All me and my partner need is someone like you with a little help and advice. We can get that ship. If you were interested, we could fly off this tin rock together.”

Emry grinned. That was the last sight I thought I’d see at the moment. Another death kick was probably coming my way.

“Looks like we got ourselves a deal.”

“Great! I knew you would hear me out…”

“Wow, calm down. You should let people finish their thoughts before you cheer like a little girl.”

For the record, I did not sound like a little girl. I definitely sound like a full grown man, just saying. In just about every other situation I would definitely have a crude response or maybe even ready to throw a punch. Which admittedly, is probably gonna get me killed one day. What can I say, I have a bit of a temper. I’m working on it, but at least I’m smart enough to know not to start anything with a woman who could shoot me dead at any given moment.

“Now, as I was saying, we have a deal. Only if you get me those codes by tomorrow, that is.”

“Tomorrow, isn’t that a little short notice?”

Emry’s response was so quick I barely finished my sentence. “Isn’t proposing to steal a freighter from Noretrade in a week a bit of short notice?”

I sighed. “You may have a point there. What happens when we get you those codes?”

“If you manage to get me my codes, I’ll have E.P. take a look at them and make sure they are legit.”

“Real quick, who is this E.P.?” That’s not a name you hear to often.

Emry spoke as if she were annoyed by my question. Shocker. “Just my android. Casey is the best of the best. Where is this freighter being held anyways?”

“Rocco’s shop, I’m sure you have heard of his place?” She had to of. Rocco’s is a mechanic shop that is known for dealing with ships with heavy gunnery and armor. Made sense Noretrade was going to Rocco’s to trick out one of their freighters.

From Emery’s expression on her face, this was just okay news. “Sure have. We could make that work. I’ve got my own work to do if we are going to get this ship. Meet me at the Marshlands tomorrow night. I’ll be in touch.”

So let me get this straight. Emry was now helping me. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to help me so she could steal my thunder and bring the freighter to the Trade herself. Or for some reason she genuinely wanted to help me. I want to believe that she wasn’t out to get me, but I had been fooled too many times before to believe that.

I put a smile on my face. “Looking forward to working with you.”

To be continued…

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