The Pale Chronicles Part 5

Lucky for me, Emry saved my belongings from the crash. Most importantly, Andy was safe. I realize I sound kinda like a weirdo saying that, but that ship has already sailed. Emry even left my chips alone. I got back as fast as I could to see Grady.

Oh the LowLands, home sweet home. How do I explain my home? A dump. See, this is where pretty much all the homeless on Torin end up going. Still think all metal everything(like the rest of Torin), but with tents and trash everywhere. There were mostly closed businesses around, but there were still a few sketchy establishments scattered throughout the LowLands.

Luckily for myself, I didn’t have to live on the streets for awhile. I took refuge at a whole in the wall joint named Murry’s Place. Murry used to feed me and Grady when we were pups. Then when I got bigger, I beat up a heckler in his joint. Then he let me stay in a storage room in exchange for me being a part time bouncer of sorts. I never let anyone mess with Murry. Murry was and always would be family.

Murry wasn’t a big man by any means. Extremely average size to be exact. Black, short, slicked back hair. Very dark eyes. To bring the look all together, his thick, short beard. Murry was probably about forty, but he looked a bit more weathered than he should be. As I walked in the joint, Murry looked surprised and happy to see me.

“Good to see you Ezzy, Grady has been having panic attacks waiting for you. He thought for sure you were a dead man. He is over there in the back.”

As I walked by Murry, I grinned and said,”I’ll explain later, good to see you too bub.”

I could spot Grady’s big self a mile away. Sitting in a booth, head in his hands. What can I say, the big oaf missed me. I suppose you could say I was glad to see Grady as well.

I tapped Grady on the shoulder. ” Hey bub.”

Grady looked up. He looked like he was going to explode with excitement. Grady got up immediately and gave me a huge hug. I could barely breathe he held on to me so tight.

“Ez I thought you were a goner! How did you get out of there? Where’s the bike? Where…”

I had to break the hug up. I was able to regain normal oxygen flow. “Easy, bub take a breath and calm down. Now let’s get some drinks, and I’ll explain everything.”

After I explained everything that happened to Grady, he actually smiled. I’m glad he was amused. I do not know what could be funny about this situation. We were screwed. The worst part is I was going to bring Grady down with me.

“So, what you’re telling me is, I’m the reason you got out of there alive. Well I must say it feels good for the roles to be reversed for a change.”

Grady was enjoying himself too much. “Ha. Ha. Very funny bub. To bad we can’t be funny anymore after Emery or the Trade get done killing us. We’re done for. How could we possibly get those codes by tomorrow?”

I do not know if Grady got himself hit in the head or something, but he would not lose the dumb smile on his face. Now was no time for humor. Maybe he was in shock or something.

“Ez, I’ve been preparing for this for a long time.”

This actually made me laugh. Grady, as long as I knew him, has never pitched any ideas. Let alone look somewhat confident about it. I really hope Grady had something good. If not, I was going to be royally pissed off.

“I know who has these codes and where we can find him Ez.”

“Okay, spit it out then Grady.” I was trying really hard to stay patient.

“Right. The guy’s name is Alden Gibson. He is one of the head supervisors of Noretrade. Alden will most likely be at a joint, close by Noretrade tonight. Alden will definitely have the codes we need on him.” Grady looked like he had just solved all of our problems.

Finally, I lost my cool. “What do you mean most likely? How are we going to get the codes from him? Just ask? If he tells us anything, Noretrade will just change the codes and we would be blasted out of the sky as soon as we left the dock! Is this really all we have to go on?”

Grady looked like a child who just got scolded. “I’m sorry Ez, that’s all I got. I got his information page printed out, hidden away. Maybe that will be some help? We can figure this out…”

I had to stop Grady right there. It wasn’t his fault we were in this position. Grady didn’t even have to be helping me if he didn’t want to. I should be grateful he had any information to help me out.

I did my best to compose myself. “Grady, don’t be sorry. This isn’t your fault. You’re right by the way, we will figure something out. We have time to think about what we are gonna do tonight. After this I would like to take a look at this Alden’s information. Maybe I can find something useful that we can use on Alden’s page.”

Grady looked relieved and slightly confused. “Thanks Ez, but after what? Why don’t we go right now and I can show you Alden’s information.”

I smiled at Grady. “If this goes south I’m a dead man. This might be my last chance to grab some beers with my friend.” Grady let out a laugh.

I looked over and shouted at Murry. “We are gonna need some rounds over here Murry!”

To be continued…

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