The Pale Chronicles Part 8

“This is the android you were talking about? I’ve never seen one… well so tiny.” I barely finished my sentence before the little guy interjected.

“Who do you think you’re calling tiny?” The android did not sound happy at all.

I did not see the android putting me on blast coming at all. “Excuse my manners bub, you can call me Ez.”

E. P. took a few steps forward on Emry’s shoulder. “You can call me Eps. Just don’t let it happen again, Ezzy.”

I couldn’t help myself. “Aren’t you a little mouthy for an android? And I said to call me Ez.”

“Aren’t you a little stupid for someone with such a big head? Oh, and so sorry. Won’t happen again, Ezzy.” For an android, Eps sure did have a cocky tone. Also, for the record, my head was definitely a normal size.

Now, I took a few angry steps forward. “What the…”

Grady quickly grabbed my shoulder before I could pick up any steam. “Ez, you’re fighting with an android.”

Grady gave me a look that basically said, “get a hold of yourself dummy”. He definitely had a point.

“Excuse my android. He is… very unique, you could say.” As per usual Emry still had her,”too happy with herself”, grin on her face.

“Yeah, I have never seen an android like this one before. How did you come across Eps? If you don’t mind me asking that is.” Something told me Emry didn’t want me prying into her business.

I guessed right, because her face became slightly more serious. “I do mind Ez. Let’s just say Eps is a rare commodity.”

Time to get down to brass tax. “I’m sure. Go ahead and check those codes out. Guaranteed to be good.”

Emry let out a little chuckle. “Oh thanks for your permission Ez. Go ahead Eps.”

What I saw next was spectacular to say the least. Emry put the transmitter on the table. Eps little hand retracted back into his arm. Tiny metallic cords came out of Eps arm and navigated themselves to the transmitter, that had to be about four feet away from him, on the table. I have not seen an android do anything like that before. Something told me Eps had many more tricks up his sleeve.

“Well I will make sure not to underestimate you again Eps.” Something told me a smart handed comeback was coming my way.

“Well I’ll continue not to expect much out of you, Ezzy.” Yep, and there it was.

All of a sudden, Eps cords retracted back into his arm in a flash. Emry spoke up. “Now time to see if you two came through on your end of the deal.”

Immediately, I became nervous. What if Alden fooled Grady and myself? If so, a shootout may be going down in the very near future. If it came to that, who knew what Emry had in store for us. Nothing good I’m sure.

Emry looked over to Eps and smiled. “How did the boys do Eps?”

Before I knew it, Eps jumped from Emry, to myself. Eps ran his way up my upper body and attached himself to my mouth. Ep’s small head was sitting on top of my nose.

I swear, I saw Eps smirk at me. “It’s your lucky day Ezzy, the codes are good. Looks like I don’t have to kill you after all.”

I let out a little chuckle. “Sure you were bub.”

Emry laughed in return. “Oh Ezzy, Eps isn’t joking around. You don’t know what he is capable of.”

Eps small little android face leaned in. “Watch your back, bub.”

Eps jumped down from my face and resumed his rightful place on top of Emry’s shoulder. Man that little android gave me the creeps. Something told me Emry wasn’t joking around. I was definitely going to take Eps advice.

Emry suddenly became more serious.”So here is the plan fellas. On the morning of the heist, we are going to meet up with an confederate officer that’s on the Trade’s payroll. We will meet up here, in the bar. This is a good enough craphole as any to meet up for a shady job like this.”

Definitely the wrong thing for Emry to say. I gave Emry a death stare. “You can talk anyway you want to me, but don’t ever let me hear you disrespect Murry’s Place again.You got me Emry?”

Emry looked as if she were deciding if she should take me serious or not. I guess she chose to take me seriously. “Right. No joking about your … beautiful home.”

Grady grabbed my arm. “Ez, tone it down a bit. Not now.”

I shrugged Grady off. Emry continued telling us the plan. “We are going to ride with the officer and follow the Noretrade people, who are going to pick up the freighter. Our guy is going to pull them over and dispose of them, as well as their bodies. Then into Rocco’s Shop we go. I have gotten us three the right paperwork and identification. Rocco and Noretrade will never know what hit them. Then we fly off into the night sky. Now, any questions?”

“Do you think this is all going to go down smooth? We are putting a lot of faith into you. How do we know you actually have all this figured out?” This just seemed too good to be true.

Eps suddenly piped up. “Funny, I thought people trying to get into the Trade were supposed to shut up and do what they are told.”

“I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Ez, do as I say, and you might just get into the Trade after all. If not, you are no use to me. If you are no use to me, then you know what happens then?”

Emry started tapping her index finger on her handgun strapped to her hip. My first instinct was to grab Andy, who was strapped to my hip, and blow Emry away. My hand went down to my side, ready to draw at any moment. Emry looked like this is exactly what she wanted me to do. Emry seemed to get excited at the thought of a shootout.

Emry put on her annoying smile. “What’s it going to be Ez? Ride, or die? This suspense is just killing me.”

I exhaled slowly. “I’ll shut my mouth, and do what I’m told.”

Emry’s eyes were gleaming. “That’s what I thought, Ezzy.”

To be continued…

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