The Pale Chronicles Part 10

I guess in retrospect, I knew what was going to happen to these innocent Noretrade people. However, I still felt shocked after what I had just seen. At least they went out quick and pain free.

Grady luckily saw what was coming. Grady looked straight down at the floor ever since Mr. Gentleman got out of his zip. I was proud of the big guy. If Grady would have been in this situation a year prior, he would probably be throwing up everywhere right about now. 

Mr. Gentleman gave Emry a wave. “Alright boys let’s go.” Commanded Emry.

We all got out of the zip, and started walking towards our new ride. The smell and sight of the two lifeless bodies was overwhelming. As we walked by this murder scene I couldn’t help but to look down at the butchery.

While looking down at the gruesome scene, Emry decided to chime in. “Take a good look fellas. This is what happens to anyone who goes against me or the Trade.”

To my surprise, Grady spoke up before I did. “No need to continue to threaten us. We understand what we are getting ourselves into here.”

To say I was shocked would be a big understatement. I don’t know what had gotten into Grady, but whatever it was, I could definitely get used to it. Emry even looked a little bewildered, and slightly amused.

Emry pulled out some black gloves out of her pocket and put them on. Emry then began to go through our Noretrade friends pockets, and collected their wallet, badges, and handguns.

“Alright, here you boys go.” Emry tossed Grady and myself the badges and pieces. “Put those on and let’s get going.” Emry ordered.

Mr. Gentleman walked up to Emry and said with his stone cold face, “We will be in touch soon.” 

He then turned his attention to Grady and myself. “You boys best hope not to see me anytime soon.”

With that he began walking back towards his zip and began talking on his transmitter.

“What a pleasant guy.” I said sarcastically. On that note, we all piled in the Noretrade zip.

We all had gone over what we were supposed to do what seemed like a thousand times, so there wasn’t much need for talking. And there wasn’t any talking for quite some time. That is until Eps started talking.

“Alrighty A team, how you guys feeling back there.” Said Eps, who was now standing on the dashboard.

To be honest my nerves were at an all time high. At this point I could see only two options for my extremely near future. Either we would get caught and most likely killed. Or, we don’t get caught, and most likely I kill all of us trying to fly out of Rocco’s Shop. Both options weren’t looking too good.

Anyway I wasn’t going out sounding like a punk. Especially when I was talking to what looked like a car decoration. I was however surprised Eps asked me a question with what sounded like sincerity. “Ready to fly off this planet. How are you holding up?” I asked Eps.

 “Just follow Emry’s lead and only start shooting if we do.” Eps counseled.

Before I had a chance to say anything, Emry interjected. “Here it is, Rocco’s Shop.”

I’ve never actually been to Rocco’s. I had only heard of it through the shady grapevine. If I had to describe this fine establishment, shady would be the perfect word. Every person in sight looked like the type of person you wouldn’t want to see in a dark alley all by yourself. Graffiti was all over the huge old building. Trash was all over the place. I guess running a tidy place wasn’t high up on the to do list for these guys.

We found a place pretty close to the main entrance to park up. Emry turned around to face Grady and myself. I definitely did not like the devilish look in her eyes.

“Let the fun begin boys.” Emry gleamed. With that we all piled out of the zip. When we all emerged from the zip I noticed Eps was nowhere to be found.

As we entered Rocco’s we were immediately met with armed associates. A younger guy with a tattooed shaved head spoke up. “You all have some paperwork?”

Emry gave baldy a kinda scary sort of a smile. “Hello to you too. We certainly do. Here you are.”

Emry handed a handful of papers out of a folder she was holding to Baldy, who gave them a quick look over, and then handed them to another lackey. “Alright everything looks good. This way please.” Baldy said nonchalantly.

We followed the armed thugs down a long hallway off to the right until we got to some elevators. From there we went up 4 floors to a big office building with huge bay windows on the other side of the room. This room had a bit of everything. Parts, tools, fridge, tv, dartboard, mini bar, you name it and this room probably had it. In the front right corner of the room was a desk with an old man sitting behind it looking bored as ever.

Baldy led us over to the sleepy looking desk guy. When we were almost to the desk Emry looked back at Grady and myself. “Feel free to hang back boys, I’ll handle this boring business.”

“Yeah feel free to send one of your guys down to give your ship a walk around.” Baldy added.

I instinctively took a step forward before Emry quickly chimed in once again. “No, how about you go. You are after all our engineer.” Emry was looking straight at Grady.

I didn’t trust Emry one bit. Everything she did was calculated. Whatever her reasoning for her wanting Grady to go instead of me couldn’t be good. Grady gave me a brave look and off he went along with one of Rocco’s thugs. 

Emry sat down at the desk and began chatting away. As they continued to talk my eyes were drawn to the big bay window. When Grady exited the room it was on the other side of the room by the windows. Maybe if I got over there I could get eyes on Grady. Not to mention I’ve never seen any space vessel before, let alone a huge freighter. Who knew maybe I could see both through those windows.

I was working up the nerve to walk over to the windows when I heard the beeping of what sounded like some transmitters going off. Before I had a chance to even think, there was a gun to my head, as well as Emry’s.

Emry looked calm as could be. Almost like getting a gun to her head improved her mood. Before Rocco’s guys had a chance to talk, Emry did with one of her famous smiles.

“Is it something I said boys?”

To be continued…

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