The Pale Chronicles: Part 14

I looked at Eps with a stunned look written all over my face. “What are you looking at dummy? Get in your damn seat and let’s get the hell out of here!” Commanded the little android. 

Quickly, I ran over to my chair and strapped myself in. “What now? As you can see I’m no pilot! There’s no chance we can get away from these guys!” I ranted. 

Eps rolled his electronic eyes, and then pointed his finger towards the accelerator. “Hmm, let me think, genius! First off, put this bad boy into high gear! I’ll turn on our Auto defense tourettes. And hopefully they blow their asses up.” Fumed Eps evilly. 

Hopefully my crazy assassin friend didn’t get so annoyed with me he didn’t burn my dumb eyes out. I grabbed the accelerator to my right, and pushed it all the way forward as fast as I could. My whole body was smashed hard into the seat by the sheer force of the acceleration. I got some whiplash from my head snapping back and hitting my headrest (that was definitely going to hurt in the morning). 

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that to my right, there was a radar screen that showed what was around the freighter. The two confederate ships were falling further and further behind. 

Eps was flying around pressing all sorts of random buttons, while muttering to himself the whole time. “What are you doing?” I asked Eps. 

Right after I asked my question I could hear the faint noise of gun fire. Great.

“Don’t make me repeat myself! I am trying to figure out how to shoot at the feds! Duh! Die, die, die!!!” Eps belted out like the crazy little Android he is. 


The whole ship rocked and groaned. The two ships had made up space very quickly. I had not the slightest idea of how long our shields could hold up. 

“Are you just going to fly straight and let them bomb us? Maybe try avoiding them, just a suggestion! Eps screamed, as he continued flying around trying to figure out how to work the freighter.

Immediately, I started to turn in all sorts of random directions. It was a good thing I locked myself in my seat, or I would definitely have been tossed out of it. These Confederate ships were quick. Wherever I moved, they were right on our heels. To make matters worse, they were pretty much hitting us every time they shot at us. You could hear the constant booming of us getting wrecked with blasts.

Apparently Eps had also noticed this trend. “Are shields won’t hold much longer. They are all ready at 50 percent!” Stated Eps as he pointed to some more monitors and screens up high. 

Sure enough, one of the screens showed our shields power, and it wasn’t looking so good. “This bad boy must have some tricks up her sleeves!” Shouted the android desperately.

Eps continued to fly around all of the control panels until he was only looking at one. “This panel has got to be the one for the new weapons Rocco’s put on this freighter. I just have no idea what any of this does!” Eps shouted.

The crazy little guy looked puzzled. “Well, you better figure it out fast because our shields won’t hold out much longer. We better figure something out!” I bellowed.

Eps looked at me with a dumbfounded expression on his face. “I’m not a pilot droid! I don’t know what the hell…” Eps voice faded out as he got one of those crazy looks on his little face. Whatever followed couldn’t be good.

“When in doubt, aim for the middle!” Sang Eps madly while shrugging his tiny shoulders. Eps blasted forward and pressed something on his control panel. 

Launching in 3, 2, 1, said our ship’s voice over the speakers.

I looked at the monitor to see what was being launched. A small blue orb shot out from the back of the freighter. The orb was so quick I almost completely missed it all together. However, what happened next couldn’t be missed. 

The orb exploded, and all I could see on the monitor was white light. The sound of the explosion was a deafening bang. My ears were making a strange buzzing noise.

After the white light vanished there was nothing but the black void of space. For a couple of seconds I thought we might actually be in the clear. 

“What did I tell you? Straight down the middle kid!” Eps yelled as he looked over at me triumphantly. 

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Eps almost fell off the headrest of the seat he was standing on. Looks like there was still one fed left.

If we didn’t get rid of this guy soon we were inevitably screwed. I quickly started flying in different patterns to try and shake off our confederate friend. 

It just so happened, I wasn’t having much luck. “Come on kid! Loose this piece of trash! If I could work those big dumb hands of yours myself I would!” Barked Eps. 

“Just bomb that guy to hell like you did the other one!” I countered stupidly. Just as the words left my mouth another alarm came blaring on.

Shields under twenty five percent said our ship repeatedly. My heart was about to pound out of my chest. We were all too close to freedom to go out now.

Eps flew right up close by my face. “That won’t work, numbskull! The fed is up close to us now, if you were even keeping an eye on him you would know that! I’ve been pressing everything else and nothing is working! Maybe if you knew how to fly we might actually have a chance you pathetic piece of…” Eps continued on.

I stopped listening to Eps ranting. I took the little android’s advice. The monitor and the confederate ship is all I began focusing on. The Fed was right on our tail flying all around our engines. I began moving the freighter back and forth. Now I was focused on the patterns of both ships.  

I wasn’t quite sure what caused me to do what I did next. Maybe it was rage and anger. Maybe it was sadness and shame. Maybe it was stupidity. Probably stupidity. Now that I’m thinking about it, stupidity was definitely it.

I waited until I was lined up just right. My hand was on the accelerator waiting, and shaking the whole time.The Fed was about to be right behind me.

My hand pulled backwards as fast and hard as it could. My body flew forward in a shift of momentum. While I was flying forward in my seat, my eyes were glued to the monitor. Trying to see if my timing was right. 

Our Confederate friend flew right into one of our engines and exploded. My head whipped back and smashed into the back of my headrest so hard I was seeing stars. I couldn’t hear a thing and my vision became blurry. Everything was spinning. I wasn’t sure if it was me, or if the freighter was spinning through space. 

Soon everything became too blurry to see, and everything faded into darkness.

To be continued…

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