Tfam13 Poetry: Nightmares to Dreams

Why is changing so hard and difficult

I’ve been trying to change my ways so I can become a better father and husband

It’s not my families fault I have so much baggage going on upstairs like contraband

Since about 17 I’ve been shackled by depression and angry thoughts that I can’t stand

Ten years later I find myself still in that place trying so hard to rebrand who I am

I always trick myself into thinking I’m on a solid positive streak, then oops, my demons come back on repeat

The other night I wake up startled, I see my demon’s faces looking at me from across the room, smiling at myself like I’m a tasty treat

They then tell me it’s time to go, I say no and yell at them to go before I leave them all deceased

This makes my monsters chuckle while they vanish into smoke, instantly I know where they have gone and it’s certainly not on their feet

Just like that I feel like I’m back where I started, always feeling like I don’t know how much more I can withstand

Then I look down in my bed and see my girls sleeping so sound, they give me the strength to keep on fighting

With my girls by my side I will never stop trying to defeat these demons, this there is no denying

No matter how bleak and gloomy things may get, nothing can break our team

While I would do anything to protect my girls, I know there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to help and protect me

My family gives me the power to turn my nightmares into dreams

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