Tfam13 Poetry: 2 AM Paranoia

Another night I can't sleep Paranoia laying beside me Guess I'll write some lines to pass the time It's the best therapy I know, so here, I'll give it a go Everywhere I turn Paranoia is around every corner Even when I stay in my home I'll sometimes feel like a foreigner I tell myself … Continue reading Tfam13 Poetry: 2 AM Paranoia

Tfam13 Poetry: Inner Peace

Peace I'm trying my best to find inner peace All I want is for the negative thoughts in my my mind to cease Why do I have so much anger and anxiety inside of me I think back to the slightly younger me Back when I was even more violent and frozen cold When I … Continue reading Tfam13 Poetry: Inner Peace

Tfam13 Poetry: Woodland Fairy

This woodland fairy is innocent and youthful, that is her nature She has been warned not to stray into the Dark Forest, where evil creatures roam impure The woodland fairy is curious, it can not be helped but to explore She roams and plays in the forest aimlessly, not thinking of danger that could occur … Continue reading Tfam13 Poetry: Woodland Fairy

Tfam13 Poetry: There for You

The love of my forever, I'll always be there for you For a man that has admittedly made a mistake, or two I'm the luckiest guy in the world for whatever the reason, but it is indeed true I'm sorry for the times I did not treat you as a queen, I have many things … Continue reading Tfam13 Poetry: There for You